KASSELSHOOP'S traditional cheese is produced on the Kasselman family farm, Klein Soebattersvlakte. The farm is situated on route R305 to Stilbaai, the well known holiday destination in the Southern Cape. Here in the heart of the "fynbos" country, four generations of Kasselmans have been breeding jersey's, known for the rich and creamy milk they produce. The factory, with apacious facilities, started in the remains of a small rural school that was originally built for the farm children. The personnel are all from the local community and are trained on the job.

Under te competent guidance of the Kasselman family, Kasselshoop produces white and yellow cheddar, gouda and flavoured cheeses as well.
Cheese tours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays - interactive from 11h00 to 13h00. The tours include cheese tasting. Children younger than 10 will receive a colouring book with more information regarding the dairy industry.

Contact Details:

Contact: Kassie Kasselman
Tel: 028 754 2430
Mobile: 082 372 0418


Klein Soebattersvlakte Farm
South Africa

Located in: Stilbaai