Stilbaai Tourism Membership

Become a member of Stilbaai Tourism today and see the difference in your business or accommodation numbers!

Stilbaai has been known as a holiday destination for many years and thousands of holidaymakers flock here every year. The tourism industry therefore makes an enormous economic contribution to Stilbaai that benefits everyone.

The Stilbaai Tourism Bureau is a member-driven organization that ensures that Stilbaai and the surrounding area are marketed as well as possible and will receive more visitors throughout the year. The office serves as an information center for all businesses, tourists, organizations and prospective tourists.

Enquiries are answered daily in connection with our town, whether by telephone, by e-mail, social media and in person. The Bureau welcomes more than 7,500 tourists annually and furthermore, the Stilbaai Tourism website is kept up to date with all information of members. About 130,000 visitors and prospective visitors visit the site annually. The Tourism Bureau provides maps, brochures and general information. We also provide assistance with accommodation bookings.

The survival of the Tourism Bureau is therefore entirely dependent on its members. It is in everyone’s interest to attract people to the region who then spend more money in our area.

Benefits of membership:

Referrals The Tourism Bureau makes referrals to members only to promote them therefore together we can give strength to the tourism industry in Stilbaai.

Maps and directionsMembers’ location is indicated on town maps provided to tourists visiting the Bureau making it easy for them to know your location. 2000 Maps printed per year. 

Accreditation of accommodation unitsRecognized as a reliable partner of the official tourism body.

Networking Opportunities Meet and connect with partners and other tourism members.

Website advertisingFree advertising is offered to Stilbaai Tourism members on the website. Only website maintenance is payable. Businesses R100 per year. Accommodation units R200 per year.

Kiosk Advertising Only members have access to advertising at the Kiosk (in front of the bridge). A once-off fee of R300 is payable as well as the making of the plate at Pakketmoles.

Join the accommodation WhatsApp groupCurrent accommodation members who can not accommodate tourists place the their details on the WhatsApp group. The other accommodation members can then help with alternative accommodation. This way the members can help each other and work together.

Advertising at the Tourism Bureau as well as other advertising opportunities Members can advertise for free at the Bureau through. Brochures, business cards, menus or any other marketing materials can be displayed. Members will also be promoted via social media.

Stilbaai KontreiWinkel (Local Arts & Craft Shop) Local artists can display and sell their art or crafts at the Konteiwinkel. Subject to approval and availability of space.

Please download the membership application form here – Download Now

You are welcome to pay it electronically and e-mail the application form back or you can pay it at the office in Langenhoven Street. Feel free to contact 028 754 2602/ if you have any queries.