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Arts and Crafts Route Stilbaai

For quite a number of years now Anita Barnard has been privileged to be a resident of Stilbaai, an inspiring seaside village in the Western Cape Province, South Africa.

Anita draws her inspiration mostly from her immediate environment. As a Stillbaai resident it is almost impossible to miss the sea and all the related themes such as seabirds, shells, plants as well as human activities on the beach. Whatever theme is tackled, it is a sensitive use of color that is crucial to me.

To her mind acrylic paint is a very versatile medium and ideal for experimenting. An almost playful medium, while oil paint lends itself to a slow building of layers of rich colours. She feels that the coastal environment offers her lots of opportunities to use both mediums in her work.

Visit her by appointment.

Contact: Anita Barnard
Mobile: 071 917 5137

Drawing and painting horses is Belinda’s first love. Although she paints in acrylic and oils, watercolour is still her favourite medium.
Her love of art began when she lived in Colesberg. The effects of light and colour created by the unique atmosphere of the Karoo landscape inspired her to start her journey of discovery into the joy of painting.

She is never without a sketch book - attends workshops and painting outings whenever she can and is presently enjoying painting with a group of artists in Stilbaai.

Visit her by appointment.

Contact: Belinda Gordon
Tel: 028 754 3193
Mobile: 082 550 2806

Dan was born many, many moons ago in a little town in the Orange Free State (now Free State Province) in South Africa. By the time he reached retirement age, Dan decided to move to Stilbaai, a lovely place for any person with an artistic soul, what with the Goukou River estuary and the ever changing sea. It seems that the artistic talent which is running in his family is also in his genes. Therefore it is no wonder that Dan has started drawing and painting from a very early age. He just couldn’t help it. Like many before him he could only start seriously working on his art after retirement when his time sort of became his own to mostly spend it the way he wanted.

According to Dan, he is a self taught artist who has never received any formal training or any training of any kind for that matter. He works with acrylic paint on stretched canvas and works in a range of styles, enjoying every challenge they bring. Dan loves to paint wildlife, e.g. the different moods of the wild dog. He also paints other animals like horses as well as plants, flowers and cottages typical of the Western Cape region. He does not live practically on the doorstep of the Indian ocean for nothing – his work also includes seascapes.

Visit him by appointment

Contact: Dan Van Graan
Tel: 083 463 9178

Jean is a talented artist living in the inspiring environment of the small coastal town, Stilbaai in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. Jean Roelofse is of course no exception – she loves the outdoors and frequently hikes around the various hiking trails. It was never about art for her, but was rather therapeutic while the world as she knew it was ripped apart and the truth revealed. She came to realise that in the lives of most of us, what we see and witness, cannot be farther from the truth.

This gentle painter likes to work in oil on a canvas prepared with acrylic paint. Her first training in working with oil paint was for three days under tutelage of Bob McKenzie by who’s methods she still paints. She also paints on request. Jean paints people’s special photos and does not work on prints. She will sometimes deviate from the photograph, either on request or when sensing something different. She makes only one painting of a photo and is willing, if asked, to acknowledge the photographer by adding his/her name on the painting below her own. Although Jean is very modest about this, she has won the Kwikstert Award twice. This award is for the best painting on the annual art exhibition of the Stilbaai Kunsvereniging where the work of various artists is exhibited. Not only does she paint, but she is also a sculptor.

Visit her by appointment

Contact: Jean Grooff
Tel: 082 446 6199

Karin has a keen interest in nature, the flowers, birds and fynbos as found in Stilbaai in the Western Cape Province, South Africa. She grew up in the Riversdale area where she also attended school. Nature is in her blood as the Werner Frehse Nature Reserve near Riversdale was named after her father. Karin designed and painted the entrance posters to the Pauline Bohnen Nature Reserve in Stilbaai. She has worked as a tour guide for 25 years during which she gained intimate knowledge of her country, South Africa.

Karin started taking painting lessons in Buenos Aires with a German Professor in art. In the following years she had the opportunity to paint parks and gardens in locations such as Kirstenbosch. She works mainly in oil, but lately she also sketches flowers in watercolour. Her landscape paintings pertain to the scenery on her many tours with foreign tourists, or they are garden scenes. Many of her landscape paintings, though, show wild animals of her country. Nowadays she does botanical art in watercolour which she describes as ‘a new branch of art for me’.

Karin Frehse has a gallery at her home in Stilbaai East, which also forms part of the Hessequa Art Route. She also invites artists to pay her a visit and do some painting with her at her house. That way they could share tips and tricks of the trade with each other. They regularly organise art exhibitions where she has the opportunity to showcase her work and also meet art lovers and prospective buyers.

Visit her by appointment

Contact: Karin Frehse
Tel: 083 651 2503
Screen printing on bags, cushions etc.

Contact Details:
Tel: 028 754 2344
Mobile: 079 529 7088

Shop 26 Fynbos Centre Main Road West

Lettie used to work in a corporate environment, but since 2001, her life changed. She became a full time Health & Beauty Consultant and in 2004 Lettie also decided to pursue her interests in Art & Photography. Lettie explained that it was very exciting to discover that she has a talent for painting as well as photography. She always loved oil paintings and loves to visit art galleries. She was brought up in the Stilbaai area on a farm and is inspired by the beauty of nature, as well as old buildings and weathered
objects for abstract paintings and photography.

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Visit her by appointment between 11:00 - 16:00

Contact: Lettie Steyn
Tel: 028 755 8788 / 082 801 2511

Louise Leather Designs started as a hobby in 1976. After finishing her degree in psychology and industrial psychology at the University of the Free State, Louise Gerryts started by attending craft markets and stayed with the Country Craft Market (Somerset West) and the Rust n Vrede Market (Durbanville) for 18 years, where she also served on the management committee. She enjoyed working from home and her designs were popular with many boutiques all over South Africa. “My design skills lead to making ranges for shops, game lodges and many corporate clients. Many of my products still find its way to countries all over the world.”

Louise is passionate about leather and her range of leathers and products are very wide and sourced from all over the world. She works with all types of leather, but vegetable tanned leather and ostrich leather are her favourites. “My belts and fashion accessories were the core of my business for many years. Today I make bags, corporative gifts, curios, pet accessories and also some interior design pieces. I love to use the smallest piece of leather and my clicker press and laser engraver are huge assets to help me make the most exquisite products with leather that other people might throw away.” Louise’s eagerness to take on new challenges led to learning many new skills like software to cnc router, laser engrave, 3D printing and design programs. It also led her to initiating job creation projects like Leather for Life, which is still operational today. “My workshop is never tidy, because of all my ‘ideas’ lying around. This is my happy place and here I welcome visitors from near and far.

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Visit her by appointment Monday - Saturday, 10:00 - 17:00

Contact: Louise Gerryts
Mobile: 082 369 6285

Louwtjie is a born teacher with a passion for art. She started teaching Art classes in 2010 and has been teaching various skill levels since then. Her art classes are famous for being very therapeutic and fun – just ask her students! She moved to Stilbaai in the Western Cape in 2019 and resumed her Art Classes, Workshops and Retreats there. She believes that everybody is artistic and creative in some way or the other, because we were created in the image of God, the Almighty Creator.

With the lockdown she became inspired to create Selfhelp Lessons which are now available. No matter what skill level you are at, you are sure to love these lessons. It is important to see all the beginners lessons as they teach various techniques and are building on each other to develop oneself.

Website: Louwena Kotzé Website

Please call before visiting, as I may be busy teaching.

Contact: Louwena Kotzé
Mobile: 083 779 9021

Mosaic and Painting

Visit her by appointment

Contact: Miekie du Randt
Mobile: 072 705 4657

"Art is in the eye of the beholder". I have always loved art but never had the opportunity to express it. I love oils. I had an privilege to attend an art school in Benoni, Art Alive. It was just for 4 months but it brought the art in me to life and so also my art career! I paint from my heart. I lived in the Bushveld and loved painting wildlife. I moved to Stilbaai this year and looking forward to broaden my horizons!!

Contact: Rhoda Mostert
Mobile: 082 946 9955
Facebook: Rhoda exclusive

Art has always been part of my life. With the beauty of South Africa and it’s people, I am urged to catch a warm atmosphere in creating a memorabilia on canvas … a mixture of contempory together with traditional methods. “L’emotion en couleur”(emotions in colour)…is the true description of my work which radiate hope and life. My work is mostly in acrylics and oils…but I have an experimental side to me which explores interesting mediums to create abstract work. Several artwork is represented in Diaries,Magazines,Galleries and private Collections.

I hope my paintings touch peoples lives with a sense of hope and peace entwined with special joyous associations. My skills are passed on through presenting a 3- day Artist Retreat..”Runaway to Stilbaai” You are welcome to visit my Gallery and Studio by appointment.

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Contact: Sonja Margerison
Mobile: 072 222 4168

After receiving her diploma in art and ceramics, she was privileged to spend quite a few years abroad, only digging into art again about 10 years ago.
Ceramics is still her first love, but the last couple of years she started concentrating on painting in oils.

Always experimenting in ceramics, she now finds herself experimenting in different fields of painting. Being impressed with the impressionists, she started off with an impressionistic style, but finds herself drawn to the wonderful world of painting with bold colours.
Living in Jongensfontein is a wonderful privilege, and she appreciates people visiting her studio.

Visit by appointment only!

Contact details
Trixie Krumm
STILBAAI SANGERS/Stilbaai Sangers is 'n groep sangers wat bestaan uit drie kore. Mannekoor, Dameskoor en die Seisoene koor. Die groepe oefen afsonderlik op Donderdae in Die Waenhuis, Jagersbosch, Stilbaai. Hierdie groep is vir enige iemand wat lief is vir sing en samesyn. Nuwe sangers is welkom!
Kontak besonderhede:
Dr Marietjie Strydom
082 416 8171
083 412 3391

Stilbaai, Jongensfontein & Melkhoutfontein has a host of talented artists and crafters.