Tame Eels of Stilbaai – Palinggat
Visit Stilbaai Tourism Bureau housed at the Palinggat Homestead in Langenhovenstreet where you will see the only tame eels in South Africa being hand-fed in the fountain adjacent to the historic homestead. Visitors can also feed the eels although kids are more eager to participate.

These freshwater eels belong to the Anquilla genus of the family Anquillidae. The Longfin eels in the Palinggat Fountain have been living here for the past 200 years, they migrate when mature (at the age of 10-20 years) to the east of Madagascar to spawn. The larvae are carried to the mainland of Africa by ocean currents. Elvers (young eels) return back to the same area where their parents stayed.

Nowhere else in the country are so many eels concentrated in one secluded environment and as tame as the Palinggat eels. They are pampered and cherished by the staff of the tourism bureau. Feeding takes place daily at 11:00 (strictly) Monday – Saturday including public holidays, Sundays only in season. No prior bookings required for the feeding. Kids under the age of 8 needs to be accompanied by an adult. Entrance fees are payable (you don’t pay to feed, you pay to enter).

Feeding is not seasonal.

The fountain is currently home to about 10 eels which includes adults and young eels. Piet, our biggest eel in the pond is about 1.2 meters in length.

Adults: R25 each
Children 2-14: R15 each
Card facilities available