The Eels of Stilbaai at Stilbaai Tourism Bureau

Visit Stilbaai Tourism Bureau, boarding at the Palinggat Homestead in Langenhoven street, Stilbaai West where you can observe eels being hand-fed in the natural freshwater pond (fed water by an underground fountain in the kloof) adjacent to the historic homestead. Visitors can also “feel an eel” and experience the saying “slippery as an eel” literally!

These freshwater eels belong to the Anquilla Mosambica genus of the family Anquillidae. The Longfin eels of the Palinggat have been living here for over 200 years. Eels migrate when maturity is reached (between the the ages of 20-30 years) to the east coast of Madagascar where they breed. The glass eels (hatched eggs) swim to the rivers where they grow into Elvers (young eels) and return back to the same area where one of the parents lived.

Nowhere else in Africa are so many eels concentrated in one sheltered natural environment as the Palinggat eels. The eels are loved and cherished by the staff of Stilbaai Tourism. Feeding takes place daily at 11:00 from Monday – Saturday including public holidays. Sunday feedings only in season (15 Dec to 5 Jan). No prior bookings are required for the feeding, but a maximum of 50 visitors are permitted per feeding session. Children under the age of 8 must to be accompanied by an adult. Entry fees are payable.

The fountain is currently home to 9 eels which includes adults and young eels. Petra (the Queen), our biggest eel in the pond is about 1.2 meters in length and reckoned to be 20 years plus.
Come and learn more about these incredible creatures and their magical journey – it is an experience second to none!

Entry fees:
Adults: R25 each
Children 2-14: R15 each

Card payments ONLY